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Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning Services

we offer customized, comprehensive Disaster Planning services for our clients, which include small, mid-size, and franchise business throughout the tri-state area. Through years of experience handling claims resulting from flood, wind, fire, structural and maintenance problems, we have developed a comprehensive approach to Disaster Planning that can be customized to meet the needs of your business and minimize loss. Our services include:

Risk Assessment

Our engineers will look carefully at your building, site, and surrounding terrain to assess vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Risk Mitigation

We will develop a customized plan of action to help protect your property and assets from loss. We will work with you to set priorities, identify key resources, and implement appropriate mitigation strategies.

Emergency Preparedness

We will develop a customized standard operating procedure for emergencies, and will work to educate and train your staff in emergency procedures.


Our staff will work with your business to develop a maintenance plan for risk mitigation to ensure your property and assets will be protected for the future.